Gorgeous Protective Cocoa Nut Butter!

December 02 2014 – Raji Kalra


Cocoa Nut Butter… one of the most ‘feel good’ ingredients I’ve come across. Who doesn’t love the smell and taste of chocolate? Not only is this butter delish, but it is also 1 of 3 approved barrier ingredients recognized by the FDA. The other two are Dimethicone and Allantoin.

Here’s some quick notes on Dimenticone and Allantoin.

You may see Dimethicone as an ingredient list in your shampoo, conditioner, lotion, foundation etc. It’s a man made chemical, basically a silicon oil. It’s easily spreadable, gives a great ‘glide’ over your skin, and fills in fine lines on your face. Cool right? What’s not so cool though is that it can trap everything under your skin including bacteria and impurities contributing to breakouts. Your skin works to regulate your body temperature and also helps sweat out impurities etc. Spreading a lab made silicon oil all over your skin can increase skin irritation and impair your skin’s ability to function optimally. A high price to pay for nice glide.

Allantoin is an ingredient that can be found in Comfrey plants, or in the uric acid of most mammals. Yuck. It is used to promote skin healing. The finished product of Allantoin is a white, doorless, crystalline powder. Not so yummy.

Of the 3 FDA approved barrier ingredients, Cocoa butter is the only product that’s organic food grade, which is why we uses it in our Protective Diaper Butter and Rescue Nipple Butter. Both products are protective, healing, restorative and entirely food grade organic! You also don’t have to wipe off the Rescue Nipple Butter before breastfeeding.

You can’t beat mother nature!

Photo by: daveynin