What’s that…scent or smell?

December 02 2014 – Raji Kalra


In most of the products available for purchase today in any conventional grocery store or drug store has perfumes (or parfum) in it. “Perfume” is an umbrella term that can contain a brew of toxic chemicals, along with “natural essences.” Many of the chemicals in ‘perfume’ are secret chemicals that are allergenic, hormone disruptors that can concentrate in human fat tissue and breast milk.

It’s no wonder at all that so many of us do not want any scented products in our homes. I can hardly ever pick up a product where I don’t see ‘perfume’, and wonder what may be in that product. Ever even taken a whiff of scented products? I can hardly ever tell what I’m smelling… is it lavender? Nope. Is it… orange or mint? Nope. What is it? It’s some complicated synthetic soup of toxic chemicals that’s going to go into our bloodstream, and settle in our fat tissue.

As a rule, if I can’t read or understand an ingredient, I don’t buy the product. I don’t think everyday people should have to be chemists in order to understand what they’re putting in or on their body.

The thing is, everything has a true and natural scent. The ocean has a scent which I love, as does falling leaves on an autumn day. I love the scent of a fruit stand too, and absolutely adore any plant derived scent like mint leaves, chamomile flower, oranges or lavender. Also, who doesn’t love the smell of vanilla, chocolate or COFFEE first thing in the morning? I sure do!

At Shoosha, if our products are scented, it’s from the actual plant oil, extract, or butter from an organically farmed plant. Gorgeous organic Lavender, Vanilla, Neroli, Sweet Orange, Hazelnut Coffee can be found in our soaps and personal care products. We also carry unscented products as well that actually still ‘smell’ lovely and clean-there’s just no added scented organic oils in the products.

Photo by: woodleywonderworks