December 02 2014 – Raji Kalra

This past week, all of us north and south of the border have watched the devestation caused by the tornadoes in Oklahoma. It’s hard to believe what these people have gone through, and the many lives that have been lost.

For many of us, the mere idea of watching a physical catastrophe barrel down on you with no mercy is beyond comprehension. It’s at times like these that I think of what’s most important in life-the time spent with loved ones, taking care of your health, and conscious appreciation of your every day. We’re bombarded every day through the media to want to buy this or that ‘thing’, to covet status items likes designer bags and shoes, and to concern ourselves with everything except what’s in front of us; our families, our friends, and our pets that we love so much.

I hope these families in Oklahoma receive the support they need to recover. It’s a good reminder for all of us to not be so distracted (me included), and spend more time with the people I love the most. Block time off your calendar as you would any other ‘meeting’, turn off your computer, cell phone, ipad, and just talk to someone you love with no distractions. If you can take one step further, go outside in the fresh air with someone you love. Everything else can wait.