Visual Inclination Teamwork!

December 02 2014 – Raji Kalra


One of the pieces of advice I got a long time ago from an facebook friend and fabulous publisher Kayla Fioravanti, is the importance of great packaging in personal care products. I didn’t like this advice. People buy products, not packaging right? It’s what’s inside that counts right? Well, this is only partly true. What is also true, is that if the packaging looks cheap, you’re not going to feel confident about the product contents either.

So, I thought, I better see what can be done about packaging Shoosha. I asked my daughter Kristen Rogers if she knew anyone who could help out, and she referred me to her friend Ivan Verlaan who owns Visual Inclination in Toronto. I heard he was super talented, and had a boutique company that did excellent work.

That was a couple of years ago. Since then, Ivan Verlaan and his super team at Visual Inclination not only did a really beautiful job in creating our logo, brand materials, product packaging and website, but also gave us outstanding service every step of the way. This means, in a pinch they will pick up a rushed print job and deliver it, drop by a trade show to make sure our booth is set up correctly (and adjust the lighting, displays etc.), or call me at home on a weekend to let me know that a website problem had been fixed. Now that’s dedication!!

As a start up, you need people around you that just don’t do a job, but reflect on what they do, how it impacts your brand, and go above and beyond what is expected. There are so many moving parts with a start up, and everyone involved needs to be fully committed and the very best at what they do…and keep the client focused too!

The team at Visual Inclination are the platinum standard for creativity, execution, and service. We’re so thankful to the team at Visual Inclination for their outstanding teamwork, and making Shoosha so gorgeous!