‘Twas The Night Before the Secret Room Event…

December 02 2014 – Raji Kalra

Nancy, Suzanne (Nancy’s sister and amazing stylist) and I are here at the hotel the night before the Secret Room Event. Our products, posters, brochures, and of course CAMERA are all ready to go. I can’t really believe we’re all here…and it’s actually happening. Our hotel has all of a sudden filled up with a gorgeous looking crowd (pretty people are actually everywhere), and I’ve caught several glimpses of sparkly gowns all zipped up and ready for the Golden Globes… this is SO exciting!

We’ll try to put up the pictures right away after the event and let you know what this experience was like, and the feedback on Shoosha. So far I can say you can actually feel the excitement in the air just walking around the hotel and Beverley Hills area… and it’s contagious.