Thank you for an amazing 2015!!

January 01 2015 – Patricia Digasbarro

Thank you so very much for all your support in 2014!!! It was amazing-full of new and exciting events! In the US we were accepted at Whole Foods California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii as well as Mothers Markets, Lassens, Down To Earth, along with numerous independent stores. In Canada we were brought onboard with Whole Foods BC, Choices, Lifestyle Markets, along with numerous independent stores, boutiques and spas across Canada! Thank you Canada!! It seems decades have passed since the day I was cleaning out my basement, trying to think of a name for a line of baby products that would be truly organic, and true to my vision and values. Gosh there was so much excitement developing Shoosha, and there still is! 

In addition, we are now also working with 2 incredible Mom's from the US who are managing our Shoosha website, as well as our first ever subscription service! Thank you to Nicole Reid and Linda Laurello for your incredible support, infusion of new ideas and incredible enthusiasm.

We're ready for an even more amazing 2015! With Shoosha you will always be able to rely on us to bring you the purest, cleanest products possible because nobody shoots for second best for their babies.