Coconut Oil Benefits

June 09 2015 – Kristen Rogers

Coconut oil is a holy grail item in our household. It's endless amount of uses and benefits make it a must have item for cooking, beauty and skincare. But also it's there in time's of need for relief of sunburns, rashes, and tummy troubles! What makes coconut oil so great is that it's packed with amazing properties. These properties can reduce signs of aging skin, cures fatigue, supports thyroid function, reduces hair loss and that's just skimming the surface! For new mother's this is a great ingredient to look for in your products. Funny enough, coconut oil is in ALL our products including Protective Diaper Balm and our Rescue Nipple Balm along with many other great restorative and soothing ingredients! Aside from that shameless plug, pregnant momma's can ingest the oil to soothe acid reflux and new mom's can take a few spoonful's a day to increase breast milk production if they are breastfeeding!
Below you will find out how we love to use coconut oil...
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