Father's Day DIY Gifts from Kids

June 16 2015 – Kristen Rogers

For this Father's Day, we have gathered our favourite DIY gift's for you and your little one's to make! The best gifts are the homemade one's made with love and thought. Here are our picks that we've gathered from around the web...Enjoy!

The DIY is our personal favourite! It is something that could be used everyday and the sentiment itself could sweeten his cup of coffee!

This is for the sport enthusiast's! We love this creative take on the common hand print. Use with a baseball, hockey puck, or any equipment  from a sport that your family loves to play or watch!

via HGTV

Kids would really love making this DIY frame! The adventure of finding the twigs, gluing them on, and seeing the fruits of their labour will make it so fun for them! 

We hope you liked our 3 DIY picks for Father's Day! How do you plan on celebrating it this year? Let us know in the comments below!