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Suncreen | Baby | 6+ months

Get ready to enjoy every moment of summer with Shoosha's Summer Essentials Bundle. Embrace the warmth and beauty of the season while keeping yourself protected with our thoughtfully curated trio of organic wonders and ensure your outdoor adventures are both carefree and pure.

Bundle Contains:

  • Pure Mineral Sunscreen - Baby or Kids
  • Organic Lemon Eucalyptus Summer Spray
  • Organic Rescue Anti-itch Balm

Shoosha products are organic food-grade with no chemical preservatives, therefore sensitive to heat, light, and excessive humidity. Please store them at a dry place away from direct light and at temperature between 6 to 27 degrees Celsius (43-81 Fahrenheit), or alternatively in a refrigerator to keep them good for longer.

Thanks so much Mamas, and we hope you enjoy our healthy organic products