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All-time fave lip balm!

I have been obsessed with this lip balm.. I have one in every bag! It is so moisturizing and keeps my lips nice and hydrated unlike other lip balms which absorb or disappear very quickly. I also love that it’s made with food grade ingredients so I feel safe kissing my baby with it on!

Thanks so much for your kind words! We are also completely dependent on these balms too!

Diaper Balm
Mallory Worrall
Used as a face balm instead!

My daughter needed more intense diaper cream because of her frequent rashes. This balm was just not doing the trick, but a friend of mine suggested I use it for the winter months on my daughter’s chapped cheeks. It worked like a magic! I would put it in three times a day and her skin would be free of redness, and chapped marks.
I love this balm!

Thanks Mallory for the kind words and your great and hilarious tip! I'm ear to ear grin right now.

Face & Body Lotion
Mallory Worrall

I love this lotion! It’s lightweight, non greasy, and free of smells. It’s amazing for my daughter’s very sensitive skin, primarily around her mouth. We love this cream for her body as well after bath. I feel good putting it on her skin knowing they are safe ingredients!!

So good to hear that the lotion works for you so well and we really appreciate your trust!

The best lip balm out there.

I've tried a lot of lip balms and this is my favorite by far. It goes on light weight but is so nourishing. I also love the fact that it's organic so there's no funky perfume that you could taste in your mouth, and it's completely safe when you inevitably eat it with your food or drinks!

Best organic lotion

This organic lotion is the best I have found on the market. It has a pleasant smell, contains no alcohol, and healthy ingredients. Additionally, the price is reasonable for the large tube. I have been using it for my kids and myself in the past 18 months.

It indeed works both for babies and adults! Thanks for your kind words!

It makes my belly glowing

I've been using this product regularly for a few weeks now. The scent is so gorgeous and calming and it goes on velvety. It's making my skin so healthy, my belly is reflecting light off it lol. Highly recommend it!

I love that it’s in a tube, super convenient. I found that I have to reapply a lot so it doesn’t seem as hydrating as what we currently use that we like which is Tubby Todd.
Appreciate the 2% colloidal oatmeal!

This is the best body wash/shampoo I’ve ever used on my baby. My baby has struggled with eczema and this has by far been the most gentle. He had some dry patches on his scalp and as soon as we started to use this, they cleared up.
Gentle, hydrating, cleansing… this is the best and I won’t use anything else on him!

Thanks for your kind words Marcela!

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