Safe, Simple, and Sane Skincare for Future Moms - 3 of 3

Evaluate Critically, Keep It Positive

In the digital age, misinformation abounds, making it essential for pregnant women to critically evaluate the information they encounter. When looking into skincare for expectant mothers, it's paramount to seek out trustworthy medical websites and health professionals for guidance based on scientific evidence. Refrain from depending entirely on anecdotal suggestions from web forums or social networks.

It's important to think about how practical the information is. For example, a product labeled as "all natural" may still have toxins. This is because the plants it's made from could have been treated with pesticides or heavy metals. The debate about replacing Parabens, which some people are allergic to, has made things more confusing. Many dermatologists advocate for a straightforward approach to pre-natal skincare.

This is precisely the reason why we at Shoosha chose to make food-grade organic skincare products. The safety regulations and testing for skincare products in the US and Canada are in need of enhancement, while the safety standards governing organic food are the strictest and highest globally. It's for this reason that we chose the USDA's organic certification standards for food. These standards are as safe and straightforward as possible: the ingredients have to be non-GMO, grown in organic, chemical-free soil, the formula must be 95% organic excluding water and salt, and no chemical preservatives are allowed. It's so pure that it's edible, completely taking the guesswork away for expectant mothers.

We must not overlook the basics: keep yourself hydrated; consume healthy food; apply mineral sunscreen regularly; moisturize your skin adequately; remain active and maintain a positive attitude. Besides skincare, your partner and older kids can play a supportive role in making you feel attractive during pregnancy. Partners can give massages, help with skincare rituals, and provide emotional backing. Engaging older children in self-care tasks like putting on moisturizer or uttering positive affirmations can also strengthen family ties and encourage a positive body perception.

Stay safe, stay joyful, stay beautiful

While pregnant, safeguarding your skin health promotes not only your comfort and well-being but also the safe and robust growth of your unborn child. Knowing the precautions needed is as crucial as keeping an optimistic mindset all along. Remain aware. Keep things uncomplicated. Stick with toxin-free personal care products. Eat healthy. Always stay hopeful. Additionally, don't shoulder the responsibility by yourself -- consult your doctors, reach out to your relatives for support. Revel in your skincare regimen, cherish the affection, and relish the life-changing journey you're embarking on!