It’s Been a Journey

It’s a bit over 2 years since I started dreaming, researching and creating Shoosha. If there is such a thing as a beautiful obsession, then this has been it for me. In my mind right now, I am having all these flashbacks of numerous trips to drugstores, grocery stores and specialty stores to buy any product with the word natural or organic on it. I had to see what the products smelled like and what they felt like… what they were made of.

Countless nights and weekends were spent looking up every ingredient of these products in an attempt to figure out what the composition of these products were. I just couldn’t wrap my head around why it was necessary to put so many… well… toxic chemicals into our products.

Then came the unsettling realization: I had lived my entire life using creams, lotions, hairsprays and shampoos that were filled with carcinogens and other toxins. Worse still, I had no idea – not a clue – of what I was doing to myself and my children all those years.

I remember clearly a conversation with one industry expert that had sold his business to a large, well known company. I asked him about the chemicals in our products and he said, ‘women don’t care’. Good one.

Although I am still learning about the industry, my passion really lies in therapeutic and medical aromatherapy. I want to use the pure, beautiful oils and extracts that nature has given us to moisturize, protect and heal our skin. Making these products for you gives me true joy.

I hope that no matter what your day has been like, that I can make you feel a little bit better with one of our beautiful products made from organic plants that were cultivated, harvested and managed with the respect and care our earth deserves.


- Pat.