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Title | Fragrance Free

Our Shoosha Deluxe Bundle is the perfect starting kit to building a skincare regimen for your baby. Order now and see the difference that Shoosha organic products can make for your baby's skin.

Bundle Contains:

  • Organic Sensitive Skin Lotion - French Lavender or Fragrance Free
  • Organic Sensitive Skin Baby Wash & Shampoo - French Lavender or Fragrance Free
  • Organic Calm Baby Calendula Oil - French Lavender or Fragrance Free
  • Organic Protective Diaper Balm

Shoosha products are organic food-grade with no chemical preservatives, therefore sensitive to heat, light, and excessive humidity. Please store them at a dry place away from direct light and at temperature between 6 to 27 degrees Celsius (43-81 Fahrenheit), or alternatively in a refrigerator to keep them good for longer.

Thanks so much Mamas, and we hope you enjoy our healthy organic products